Celtics seen as one of NBA’s biggest winners for month of March

The Boston Celtics have been recognized as one of the NBA’s biggest winners for the month of March in a recent article by Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey. And it is a fair assessment, given Boston only increased its stranglehold on the league standings throughout the past month.

Noting that Boston only lost four games in the entire month and the fan ire for losing even those, Bailey writes that “disappointment over that may prove little more than how much this team spoiled us to this point.” In fact, the Celtics may be the only team in the Association to crack 60 wins this season.

“Despite the losses, the Celtics still had the best net rating in March, outscoring opponents by 16.0 points per 100 possessions,” adds the B/R analyst.

“They beat the Golden State Warriors by 52 points, the Dallas Mavericks by 28 and the Phoenix Suns by double-digits twice,” he recalls. “More recently, they beat the second-place Milwaukee Bucks.”

“Boston’s foot may not be on the gas quite as aggressively as it was earlier in the season. It’s hard to maintain that level of intensity when the gap between first and second is as big as it is (11 whopping games).”

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