Protecting your plants from overnight frost

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Patchy frost is expected through most of western Massachusetts Monday night and this could bad news for your plants.

This overnight frost isn’t too far off from what western Massachusetts experienced last May, with consistent overnight lows below freezing. Overnight frost is not good news for those who bought tomatoes for their garden, but there are solutions so you can keep them freezing.

Angela Karlovich with the Hadley Garden Center gives some advice for those pulling in their plants, “You actually don’t want to keep them indoors long. You want to just have them in at night. They can go back out in the day when the temperatures goes above 40. They’re better off outside. If they’re inside for too long, they’re going to get leggy and just get weaker overall.”

If your plants need to stay outside, you can cover them in a thin sheet so frost doesn’t damage your leaves.

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