Charles Oakley passive-aggressively swipes Jeff Van Gundy for winning with Boston Celtics

Charles Oakley went on Scoop B Radio and sounded bitter while speaking to Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson about Jeff Van Gundy winning his first championship as a senior consultant for the Boston Celtics.

Oakley questioned the legacy impact of Van Gundy’s title, being that he wasn’t a head coach when he won his first ring, and noted the difference in eras with players now joining rival teams.

“I don’t know how cool it is but sometimes I think that now
you’re seeing something like the Washington Redskins or the Giants all in the
same group,” Oakley prefaced before saying, “But back in the day it used to be how they kicked it was like
Saquon Barkley went to Philly coming from the New York Giants and go to a
team in your division; a team that you know how they operate with and a team
that doesn’t respect one another. But you know, people are going for the
money no matter what they say and you see what happened. Yesterday’s years
are different than these years. So I’m glad that he got a championship ring, you
know? He was an assistant coach; when I was there you had to be the head

Oakley isn’t the first Knicks perspective to sound bitter about Boston being Van Gundy’s most successful stop in his coaching career. The New York Post’s Stefan Bondy also had trouble reasoning with the fact that the Knicks no longer hold the most special place in Van Gundy’s heart.

New York lost another notch on its belt. With two titles in franchise history, it’s a major loss not being able to fully claim Van Gundy like they used to.

Now the lead assistant on Ty Lue’s Los Angeles Clippers, Van Gundy could soon be a head coach again if Lue loses the narrative and gets sent packing midseason during the Intuit Dome’s inaugural run.

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