Springfield school security officer arrested for gun trafficking charges

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20 hours ago

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A Springfield man who was arrested last week for firearm trafficking charges was released on low bail “to return him to his employment in a high school as a security officer,” District Attorney Anthony Gulluni stated Tuesday.

According to Hampden District Attorney Spokesperson Jim Leydon, State Police and the Hampden County Narcotics Taskforce arrested 44-year-old Pablo Correa of Springfield at his home last Tuesday. Correa is allegedly a local firearms trafficker and has been under investigation for the last few months. He was arraigned last Wednesday on the following charges:

  • Possession of firearm without a license (six counts)
  • Possession of a large capacity weapon or feeding device (five counts)
  • Defacing a firearm serial number (two counts)
  • Possession of ammunition without a license

The state requested a $50,000 bail but the court set Correa’s bail at $10,000. According to court documents, one reason the judge set his bail lower than requested was the defendant’s employment record. He is currently a security officer at the High School of Science and Technology in Springfield.

Springfield Public Schools Spokesperson Azell Cavaan told 22News Correa has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the investigation.

“Upon learning of the arrest, the School Department promptly took action to ensure that all appropriate protocols were followed. We are committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for our students and staff,” stated Cavaan.

Correa posted bail and was released on the same day. Gulluni sent 22News the following statement:

“It is as disheartening as it is frustrating to have criminal defendants who face serious firearms charges repeatedly sent back to the community. But, in this case, to understand that the judge’s rationale to release this person was to return him to his employment in a high school as a security officer, is unconscionable and astounding. We will not make progress on the epidemic of gun violence when we fail to hold accountable those who are supplying guns to those who intend to commit acts of violence in our streets. Minimizing the harm associated with the alleged possession and distribution of this kind of weaponry is detrimental to public safety and puts members of law enforcement in harm’s way.”

“I thank the members of my office’s S.A.F.E. Unit for bringing this investigation forward to a successful conclusion and for putting a dangerous individual in custody, if only briefly. In addition I want to thank the Springfield Public Schools for taking swift action when they learned of the defendant’s bail status. We will continue to fight for what’s right and ensure that everyone, in every neighborhood, is safe.”

Hampden DA Anthony Gulluni

Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno also addressed the need for state bail reform legislation on Tuesday, “We just lost an 18-year-old young lady who was killed by gun violence – my sympathy thoughts and prayers go out to her family. That someone with an arsenal of weapons has been released back out, not just on our streets, but sent by the court to return to work in our school system as a security guard, is extremely alarming. It is disturbing that a judge would want to lower the high bail requested by DA Gulluni and send this individual back to work with students in our school system after he’s been caught with an arsenal of weapons – it makes no sense. But I’ll tell you what makes sense, is my bail reform legislation, and this situation is a perfect example of why it is needed.”

Sarno goes on, “And to have judges turn around and say, ‘its ok–you can get out,’ it’s not right, it’s absolutely wrong.” Correa will be back in court on August 2nd, Gulluni says they will continue to pursue those charges.

22News did ask DA Gulluni if Correa had any prior charges or convictions against him—he was unable to comment at this time.

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