Anticipating a storm – live stream Sydney camera Tuesday 18 April 2022


Live stream of Sydney Harbour Bridge and city using a moving PTZ camera.

Streaming at 1440p – aka 2K QHD

We’ll start on the night-mode pattern that is a bit slower, and doesn’t look at spots without lights. There are two fast-pans to make sure we don’t invade apartment-privacy. Then we’ll flick to some other patterns during the day, with more zooms on the bridge and centrepoint tower. We’ll probably be pretty hands-off through the day.

The computer running today’s stream will be doing other tasks which MAY CAUSE GLITCHING AND QUALITY ISSUES – apologies if it tends towards the unwatchable.

Setting a path for the roaming camera. Feel free to chime in about what you want to see, how long you want the camera to sit in a spot, etc… be prepared for strange zooming and sudden image setting changes.

Our 24/7 Sydney live camera is here:

This channel is a continuous livestream of Sydney Harbour viewed from a North facing aspect. It’s a great place to catch flocks of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Lorrikeets, Currawongs and Crows, who hop from tree to tree all day. It’s the perfect spot to check Sydney’s weather, or a great view to run on a second work monitor.

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NYE Fireworks
If you’re looking for the midnight fireworks, head over here:… and probably jump straight to 14:30.

Support the camera
Contributions are most welcome, and will go to the (surprisingly costly) maintenance of the running the stream, and buying a new and better camera. Send moolah through the link below. Thanks!

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– Be polite
– Please use English where possible to make discussion accessible to more participants
– No spamming, monologuing, ranting or repetitive posts
– No racism, homophobia, or abuse of any type
– No political ranting and spamming
– Don’t be a creep
– It’s a group chat
– Do not use as a personal chat room for trysts
– Do not ask for, or share personal details
– Don’t discuss camera location
– Cockatoos are awesome

Any breach of the above rules risks immediate and permanent ejection from the chat.


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