April 14th 2022 Long Island Metro Fishing Report with Matthew Broderick


Compared to last week, it seems that the fish moving into our local area have gotten a little bit bigger. Over-slot stripers are mixed in with the slots and schoolies now. Keep in mind striper season opens on the 15th and the regulations remain the same as last year. Managing Editor Matt Broderick discloses his latest surf intel while the contributors fill us in on the hottest bites going on in the Long Island and Metro area.

0:00 Intro
9:06 Cole Dutton https://www.jjsportsfishing.com/
01:19 News and reports from around the Island
02:01 Mike Dean Shinnecock http://manhattancup.com/
05:20 Northport Mark McGowan of Cow Harbor Bait and Tackle https://www.cowharbortackle.com/
06:59 Paul McCain from River Bay Outfitters https://www.riverbayoutfitters.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChHQk5TYKnD5L5A52hyC_3w
09:36 Chris Ludwig https://www.instagram.com/coastalmemoriesfishing/
10:27 Chris Landry @BKanglers
11:53 Raul Ortiz the urban angler


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