Backyard Beekeeping Questions and Answers Episode 155 is Hive Alive & Honey B Healthy the same?


Welcome to another episode of backyard beekeeping!
Today is a short one as I seem to have a cold that definitely needs to go away soon!

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This time of year, many beekeepers are also considering having chickens to keep those grass-level insects under control while providing fantastic free-range nutritious eggs. I spent 7 months producing a 3-hour video guide all about chickens from egg to adult:

CORRECTION REGARDING ONE OF MY ANSWERS: I should have said that it’s Apis mellifera scutellata that most often builds comb in open and unprotected areas. Regarding my response to question 10. Sorry about that.

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Today’s topics are as listed below:

1) My bees are using my upper winter entrance from winter, how do I get them to start using the lower entrance now?

2) I am exclusively monitoring varroa mites with the BeeScanning app, but find the photography to be cumbersome. Do you have any tips?

This is the Jig that beescanning recommends:

3) Did I set up my hive too soon as I wait for my Mann Lake Packages? I see ants and some wasps.

4) Should I feed my new nucleus hive 1:1 syrup, and/or should I also add Pollen Patties? Any suggestions regarding Ross-Rounds?

This is my experience with Ross-Rounds. I will be doing lots of comb-honey this year:

5) I know you’ve used Honey B Healthy and sugar syrup instead of a smoker from time to time. Are you planning to change that to Hive Alive?

300*600 2

Hive Alive:

Honey B Healthy:

I’d choose Honey B Healthy over Hive Alive when spraying bees instead of smoking them. It’s nearly half the price.

6) I left a frame out of the hive last year, now there is comb in the space and it’s attached to the adjacent frames. What should I do with it?

7) Can I use a queen rearing frame to have the bees clean up the cups and then put that in a queen-rite colony to have the queen lay eggs in them and then put them back in the queen-less colony?

8) I used 7 grams of OA in my Lorabee OAV unit. the bottom of the hive was covered in bees. Can I still use the honey?

9) What’s the best sugar to feed the bees in syrup? Cane sugar has the exact same contents on the label?

This is a citation: The full study access requires $ “Is sugar from sugar beets the same as sugar from sugar cane?
WC Fernelius – Journal of Chemical Education, 1984 – ACS Publications
… At the beginning of this century when the beet sugar industry in this country was relatively
young, there were those who insisted that cane sugar was different from and superior to beet
sugar. Chemists took no stock in the arguments because to them it was obvious that a pure compound was the same … sugar beets are C3 plants and sugar cane a C4 plant. So a mass … ”

10) Do honey bees in North America build nests in the open air? Or is it extremely rare?

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