Baker team plans to discuss supplemental budget Wednesday night


BOSTON (SHNS) – With the clock running down on him, Gov. Charlie Baker plans to meet with others in his administration Wednesday night to discuss what action he should take on a $261.6 million fiscal 2021 supplemental budget.

The Legislature last Wednesday sent him the budget bill (H 2973) which goes beyond dollars and cents. The bill would also revive and extend mail-in and in-person early voting through Dec. 15 and would establish a new board of directors to oversee the MBTA, which has been without its own dedicated governing body since the Legislature allowed the Fiscal and Management Control Board to expire at the end of June.

“We’re talking about it tonight,” Baker said Wednesday afternoon in Gloucester. When asked if he has any concerns with the voting language, the governor said, “I have not talked to the folks on our legal team about it. But we obviously know we need to make a decision soon. We’re talking to them about it tonight.”

The governor has until Saturday, July 31 to act on the bill. The timing of his action could be important — the Legislature is planning to start its August recess after Thursday’s sessions, but the governor could send some of the supplemental budget back with amendments or vetoes as late as Saturday.

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