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Solo Travel Guide: Boston, Massachusetts edition!

okay so boston. here is my review:

*fun place to travel solo and explore the city
* lots of history to abosrb
* freedom trail!!
* great walking tours
* okay food
* close to the airport
* the ocean!!

* bad weather (which is variable…)
* no direct view of the ocean

overall, great place to travel solor

love you. take chances. do something that scares you. why not today? what is stopping you?

Live Alive – Boston, MA
Beatnic – Boston, MA

300*600 2

Loews Hotel
4/5 stars in my opinion. my room was clean but very small for the price. you are close to downtown and the boston common which is convenient. the workout room is literally a closet in the basement lol. no pool. fiji water is $12 no joke (I learned the hard way bc I go thirsty oops). okay staff. next time I will probably go more into the city. best thing about this hotel was how close it was to my smoothie spot.

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