CALIFORNIA 4K – Peaceful Music & Nature Sounds With Beautiful Scenery | 4K VIDEO ULTRA HD


CALIFORNIA 4K – Peaceful Music & Nature Sounds With Beautiful Scenery | 4K VIDEO ULTRA HD

California beckons visitors with sunshine, stunning landscapes, and urban sophistication. A place of dreams, this alluring state has it all: a spectacular coastline, snowcapped mountains, expansive deserts, idyllic farmlands, and ancient redwood groves, along with vibrant multicultural cities.
Tourists flock to San Francisco for sightseeing, shopping, museum hopping, and gourmet dining. Los Angeles dazzles visitors with quintessential Southern California scenery and Hollywood glamour. San Diego and Santa Barbara have perfect balmy weather and golden-sand beaches.
For nature lovers, California is a place to explore the great outdoors. At Yosemite National Park, visitors marvel at the majestic granite cliffs draped with voluminous waterfalls. In the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the alpine environment of Lake Tahoe is a paradise for hikers and skiers. Closer to the Pacific Ocean, the Redwood National and State Parks shelter the world’s tallest trees.
California is known as the mecca of celebrity culture in the USA and in some ways, it is; this is where you’ll find Hollywood, after all! But there’s a lot more to this large American state than famous faces, film studios and the amusement parks that go with them. It’s also home to Silicon Valley, the global headquarters of many big tech companies. And don’t forget the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.
There’s also some fantastic natural beauty on offer in California. There are giant redwoods to see, deserts and rock formations, and fantastic beaches along the coast. It’s home to sweeping landscapes, vineyards, and a collection of cities that are as famous as the state itself: think San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Packed full of culture and good food, the best places to visit in California are fascinating to explore.

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Track list:
00:00 | 0. Calm and Dreamy
03:03 | 1. Serene Sadness (Solo Piano)
06:04 | 2. Cotton Sheets (Solo Piano)
10:11 | 3. Missing You (Solo Piano)
12:43 | 4. Behind Blu Eyes
16:00 | 5. It’s Getting Better (Solo Piano)
18:38 | 6. Peaceful Horizon
20:43 | 7. Reuniting Friends

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