Cat stuck in tree for 6 days is healthy and happy


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HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Loki, an indoor house cat, was stuck in a tree in Holyoke for six days. 22News covered the story on Tuesday April 19 to make sure the cat was rescued.

Loki had been missing for two days when her owner, Aliyah Rosado, saw her in a tree. Six days passed with Loki out of reach from all who tried to save her. No toys or treats would do. Luckily, Lyndon Tree Care and Landscaping safely brought her back to the ground.

PHOTOS: View photos from the rescue

Loki has been reunited with Rosado and brought to the vet for a follow-up check-up.

With the help of donations, Loki was able to get her Rabies vaccine. Loki was slightly dehydrated but is in good health. The vet advised that Loki may have left the house to find a mate and Rosado is paying close attention within the next few weeks to see if Loki is pregnant.

The good news is, after her adventure, Loki is now a very affectionate cat. Before the incident, no one could get close to her.

Rosado said, Loki, now safe and sound, spends her time looking out the window and cooling off on the basement floor. No more trees are in her near future.

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