Coffee & Geography Podcast S02E15 Adena Schutzberg & Kelly Jenkins (USA)


Kit, Adena Schutzberg & Kelly Jenkins sip some Postum and Ginger Ale, chatting about running 100 miles, the influence of geography on trans rights, disc golf, amongst other things!

Adena Schutzberg has been a GIS user, marketer, and industry analyst who currently works in geography and GIS education as part of Esri’s Learn ArcGIS Team. She has too much fun playing the clarinet in community bands and has toned her running habit down from long, long runs of 100 miles, to saner distances of a few miles. Kelly Jenkins is a public speaker, middle school educator, and niece advocate for transgender youth. She is host/producer of her own award-winning TV program “Kelly’s Quest: The Transnational Journey.” Kelly is the first openly transgender professional disc golfer.

Some links to things mentioned in the chat:
– Story Map: Geography Matters to Transgender People (
– Kelly’s Quest, ActonTV (
– Somerville and Fluff! (
– Disc Golf (

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