Conflict between Russia and Ukraine causing concern in western Mass.


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LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – The current Ukraine and Russia conflict is something that is on the minds of many as the issues intensifies, including right here at home.

President Biden in a press conference noting that he is “convinced” Vladimir Putin’s forces will launch an invasion “within days”, beginning with an attack on the Ukrainian capital.

The attack could lead to serious geopolitical risks. Causing a disruption in trade, and an already unstable market to plummet, as well as a another spike in inflation. Local resident we spoke with say all the variables are concerning.

“I’m concerned about the impact to oil prices, and natural gas, and the expectation is if there is a skirmish it would cause prices to go up and we already have high inflation,” said John Valencia of Longmeadow.

Russia currently has over 190,000 troops on the borders of Ukraine. President Biden adding that he believes Russia will target 2.8 million innocent people in Kyiv.

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