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Operation Overlord and the Normandy Landings of D-Day were said to be the “Greatest military gamble on history”. In these rare archive films we see what it was really like in the days leading up to the invasion and the tough days that followed. From the first Paratroopers to drop over Nazi occupied France to the follow up vehicles that brought supplies, each was as important as the other in this operation that would change history.

Also in this episode; we hear ‘The Cummington Story’, about a small Massachusetts town and the refugees that came to settle there during WWII, and ‘Just For Remembrance’ which tells the story of those personal effects left behind by fallen soldiers and how we must remember them.

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00:00 – Start
00:12 – D-Day
16:43 – Beachhead & Breakthrough
33:56 – The Cummington Story
53:48 – Just For Rememberance


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