Dating the Ramayana – Part 1 l Dr Raja Ram Mohan Roy | #SangamTalks


This will be a 2 part series. Dr. Raja Ram Mohan Roy will delve deep into our knowledge systems to put across his research which states that the Ramayana cannot be dated back to 12209 BCE.

About the Speaker:
Dr. Raja Ram Mohan Roy is an IIT – Kanpur graduate and a Ph.D from the Ohio State University, USA. He is a Vedic Scholar, Materials Scientist, Author of books on Vedic Astronomy, Jain Astronomy, and Ancient Indian History.

0:00 Introduction
1:20 Claims and Counter-Claim of dating the Ramayana
2:03 Astronomy Poison Pills
4:10 Chaitra in Sharad Seasons
17:13 Asvina in Vasanta
20:50 Setting of the Sun near Pusya during Hemanta
23:57 Brahmarisi/Abhijit as Pole star in Ramayana
34:29 A Unique observation
40:38 Hailey’s comet, Voyager 4.5 and Stellarium
45:48 Comet 2P Encke
51:44 Conclusions
53:07 Julian Calendar vs Gregorian calendar dating difference?
56:00 Can the date f Ramayana be dated?
1:00:27 Why different datings of Mahabharata and Ramayana by analysts?
1:05:35 How does a lay person make sense of all these dates?

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