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(WGGB/WSHM) — Public works crews are working to clearing the roads of Friday’s late-winter storm, including crews in Springfield.

The city’s plow drivers are still hard at work. Springfield DPW officials told us they started their first passes around 6:30 a.m. Friday and they’ll be working through the afternoon and into the evening.

We stopped by the command center to speak with Vinny DeSantis, the deputy director of operations, who told Western Mass News that most of the main roads are now cleared and salted. He said the storm ending earlier than anticipated help speed up the process.

“Once the main roads are gone, then we’ll move to the residentials. Guys are taking their break now and then they’ll be out on the residential streets,” DeSantis explained.

Plow drivers will make their way to clear out the city’s side roads. As for parking bans, DeSantis told us they were out towing cars this morning and a parking ban will remain in effect through the rest of the day.

DeSantis said even though the worst of the storm is now behind us, to still drive with caution if you’re out on the road today.

Cleanup also continues in Hampshire and Franklin County. The roads now there are much better than they were Friday morning. Driving on I-91 north from downtown Springfield to Northampton, it took about 30 minutes as the snow was coming down heavily.

In Northampton, plows were visible throughout the 9 a.m. hour, then all the snow and heavy sleet stopped by the time we headed up to Deerfield.

In Deerfield, the roads are improving as well. We have seen more and more people coming out since the bulk of the storm has passed. One person we spoke to traveling to New Jersey actually waited for the storm to stop before hitting the road.

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