EAST COAST GREENWAY BIKE TOUR | (South Carolina – Section 7) With A DOG


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We switched things up a bit and decided to try our hand at bicycle touring and not just a short one. With a quick internet search of “long bike trails on the east coast” the top search was www.greenway.org. The East Coast Greenway with a detailed map appeared with only of handful of people that completed it from end to end. With not a lot of time to find bikes, panniers, and all the gear needed for our almost 3000 mile bike ride from Maine to Florida, we scrabbled to get ready. To be honest, we didn’t think everything through as much as we could have but it left us with a lot of unknown and the ability to take each day as it came. Could we have been more prepared… totally but what is the fun in that? As we started our journey south along the east coast greenway we were naive but excited to what the trail would bring.

In today’s video, we take you through South Carolina. We were warned by everyone that has already completed the ECG and the staff that works for ECG that this would be a tough state for us. It was! We spent most of our time on Route 17, which provided us with little or no shoulder and tons of traffic. It challenged us and put us on high alert. However, we made it through the state and what little greenway we did have it was a nice relief from the highway and before we knew it we were in Georgia!!

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You can learn more about the East Coast Greenway (ECG) and how to support this wonderful the organization at www.greenway.org

We hope you enjoy this video and comment below if you have any question about any gear or about the East Coast Greenway we would be more than happy talk about it. We would love to hear from you!


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