EXPLAINER: How do tornadoes form?


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CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – While it was a wet and warm week across much of the Northeast, parts of the Southeast were hit hard by powerful tornados.

The 22News Storm Team has the science behind how a tornado forms and why they can be so deadly.

Many people across the Southeast dealt with strong tornadoes this week especially some that occurred during the overnight hours, which we call nocturnal tornadoes.

Now, the first ingredients that go into making a tornado is warm, humid air colliding with cold, dry air. Light winds at the surface and strong upper level winds a couple thousand feet above our heads are the next step that creates a rotating column of air. As this column rotates horizontally it allows for air to be pushed upwards in the atmosphere, rotating the column of air to be vertical, creating a wall cloud. This cloud then creates enough life and spin in the atmosphere creating a tornado.

Nocturnal tornadoes are two times more deadly than daytime tornadoes.

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