FlyTampa – Boston Airport | Microsoft Flight Simulator [Official Trailer]


Logan International Airport, Boston – Massachusetts USA | KBOS, BOS by FlyTampa for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

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2 x Samsung CF971 WQHD (34 inch) | Intel Core i9-9900K 8x 3.60 GHz OC 4.9 GHz | ASUS ROG Strix Z390-F Gaming | Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X Trio (MSI) | Samsung 970 Evo M.2 SSD – 1 TB (flightsim) | Samsung 860 Evo SSD – 1 TB (system) | Corsair Vengeance 32 GB LPX DDR4-3000 mhz

✈️ Airbus
Throttletek A320-Flightbox | Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Flight Stick | Thrustmaster TFRP T.Flight Rudder Pedals

300*600 2

✈️ Boeing
Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System | Saitek Pro Flight Throttle | Thrustmaster TFRP T.Flight Rudder Pedals

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
FlyTampa – Boston Logan Intl. Airport
FlyByWire – A32NX Airbus
Liveries by
SoFly – Weather Preset Pro
Recorded with Flight Control Replay

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