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Westford Academy girls track captains (from left) Jenna Bisso, Megan Frazee, Sydney Harding, Grace Carroll, Rachel Hughes, Jen Graffeo and Vivian Aeder, are excited about the spring season. Not pictured: Abby Hughes (Courtesy photo)

Last spring was a banner season with girls track as Westford Academy took home the All-State Championship Meet held in Norwell. A big part of that title was due to the performances of Megan Frazee and Elliana Tweedie, who are both back for this upcoming season. Frazee, an All-American in the winter season, was third in both the state pentathlon and pole vault competitions. Tweedie, a sophomore at the time, was crowned the 100-meter champion.
Lowell’s tandem of Annamaria Mbuyu in the triple jump and Ronnie Jones in the throwing events were also among the state’s best in their respective events and are back this season. Also in the MVC, Dracut’s Ava Soucy has been one of the top sprinters around, Billerica is always strong and Chelmsford has a strong duo in Maddie Priestly and Mia Beauchesne.
Elsewhere, Wilmington has loads of talent coming back with a handful of athletes already committed to the collegiate level including Celia Kulis, who was seventh in the state pentathlon last year, as does Greater Lowell out of the CAC with the likes of Tealei Chandonnet, Diana Marquez and Alanis Velez, while Shae Regan, of Littleton, is one of the premier distance runners in the state.

Academy of Notre Dame
League: Commonwealth Athletic Conference
Last Year’s Record: 5-0
Returning Letterwinners: Katie Vieira, sr., sprints/hurdles; CJ Johnson, sr., mid-distance; Maeve McComas, sr., throws; Natalie Foy, jr., mid-distance; Gabrielle Hardy, jr., hurdles.
Promising Newcomers: Julia Baxter, fr., sprints; Marianna Pimental, fr., sprints; Elizabeth McKnelly, fr., sprints; Meghan Former, fr., sprints; Grace Emanuele, fr., distance; Katherine Daunmu, fr., distance; Martina Boakye-Yiadom, fr., shot put.
Coach Ken Najem (6th season): “We are in a rebuilding year with a lot of young talented athletes. It will be an exciting and fun to be part of it.”

League: New Hampshire Division 1
Last Year’s Record: 15th in Division 1
Senior Co-Captains: Molly O’Donnell, jumps; Adrienne McCoy-Sophos, hurdles/sprints.
Other Returning Letterwinners: Maddie Betrand, sr., sprints/throws; Hannah Sellingham, sr., jumps/sprints; Paige Boudreau, jr., mid-distance; Bella Coppi, jr., jumps/sprints; Paige McKinley, jr., throws; Brynna Anderson, soph., mid-distance; Petrina Ofori, soph., hurdles/sprints; Gwen Grondin, sr., mid-distance.
Promising Newcomers: Ella Hartson, fr., sprints/jumps; Jennifer Hebert, fr., mid-distance; Anna Simpson, fr., mid-distance; Ava Martin, fr., mid-distance; Addie Tobin, freshman, hurdles and sprints, Kloey Zink, freshman, throws.
Coach Tom Daigle (2nd season): “We are really looking forward to this season. We have a very strong senior class, and some promising newcomers as well.”

League: Merrimack Valley Conference Division 2
Last Year’s Record: 4-0
Captains: Colleen McGurl, sr., sprints; Anna McElhinney, jr., distance; Kaci Hutchins, jr., distance.
Other Returning Letterwinners: Laila Pratt, sr., pole vault/hurdles; Jillian Weeks, jr., sprints; Isabella Pereira, jr., sprints; Gianna Miranda, jr., hurdles/jumps; Julia Nott, jr., sprints/jumps; Deirdre Ballot, jr., distance; Jayden Darris-O’Connor, jr., distance; Brianna Phelan, soph., jumps/distance; Lily Freeman, soph., distance; Taylor Fitzpatrick, soph., distance; Sophia Leyne, soph., throws; Alyssa Fiorino, soph., distance; Grace Carter, soph., distance; Makayla Barbaro, soph., distance; Nyrah Joseph, fr., high jump/sprints; Olivia Coyne, fr., sprints; Lily Bower, fr., sprints/jumps.
Promising Newcomers: Ashley Caputo, soph., throws; Claire Seguin, soph., sprints; Anabelle Mendez, soph., sprints; Chloe Lyons, soph., throws; Makayla Barbaro, soph., distance; Jala Kneeland, fr., distance; Kaylie Gavoni, fr., sprints; Keelin Foye, fr., throws; Minick Cooper, fr., throws; Allie Sullivan, 8th, sprints; Ally Spolidoro, 8th, sprints; Emma Philippon, 8th distance; Kendal Loguidice, 8th, distance; Keira Hutchins, 8th, distance; Madelyn Cormier, 8th, distance; Lily Ann Canney, 8th, distance; Maria Cafaro, 8th, sprints; Khloey Batchelder, 8th, distance; Emily Babcock, 8th, sprints.
Coach Scott Arsenault (5th season): “The outlook on this season is very positive. The coaching staff is pleased with the culture and environment over the past handful of years. We have a very young team with plenty of untapped potential. The girls are excited and have set the goal high of another undefeated season in dual meet completion.”

League: Merrimack Valley Conference Division 2
Last Year’s Record: 2-3
Senior Captains: Grace Brown, sprints; Maddie Priestly, mid-distance; Mia Beauchesne, mid-distance; Olivia Pellegrino, throws; Megan Smith, hurdles.
Other Returning Letterwinners: Naomi D’Souza, soph., mid-distance; Maggie Li, sr., jumps; Megan Smith, sr., hurdles; Melia Marshall, sr., sprints; Nina Fredericks, soph., javelin; Mia Migliorini, soph., javelin; Nhyira Nkansah, jr., throws.
Promising Newcomers: Madison Lynch, hurdles and Sophie Lamar, sprints.
Coach Matthew Guarante (4th season): “This year the girls squad looks to be competitive in every meet they have. We have a solid group at the top but more importantly depth and growth throughout the events. We have a hard-working group who loves to compete and put in the work. They know the goals for the season and have worked hard to get themselves ready to achieve them. We expect good things both individually and as a team this season and I’m pumped to see the progression of each and every athlete on the team.”

League: Merrimack Valley Conference Division 2
Captains: Ava Soucy, sr., sprints/jumps; Soleina Mcdowell, sr., hurdles/jumps; Morgan Ruel, soph., distance/javelin.
Other Returning Letterwinners: Alyson Archambault, jr., distance; Serine Bourmedien, fr., distance/jumps; Katherine Martel, soph., hurdles/jumps; Shaelyn Mcdowell, jr., distance/javelin; Soleina Mcdowell, sr., hurdles/jumps Charlotte Mcintosh, soph., sprints; Morgan Ruel, soph., distance; Jenna Dowling, soph., sprints.
Promising Newcomers: Zoe Clark, fr., hurdles/throws; Kendall Desrosiers, jr., sprints/jumps; Lindsay Grier, fr., hurdles/jumps; Ava Hall, jr., sprints/discus; Jada Luxene, jr., sprints/throws; Madison Maier, fr., distance/jumps; Tayla Murray, jr., sprints/throws; Tatiana Fevry, sr., sprints/jumps; Sabrina Vitale, fr., distance/jumps; Abigail Gitau, fr., hurdles/jumps/throws.
Coach Christopher King (1st year): “We have a great balance of young and upcoming athletes across a variety of events; along with veterans who have shown success. Our first week of practice has shown promise along with a clear motivation to work hard every day and improve. Our girls are ready for the challenge of the season.”

Greater Lowell
League: Commonwealth Athletic Conference
Last Year’s Record: 4-1
Captains: Tealei Chandonnet, sr., distance; Diana Marquez, sr., mid-distance/jumps; Alanis Velez, sr., sprints/jumps; Alexis Toste, jr., hurdles.
Other Returning Letterwinners: Alexis Toste, jr., hurdles; Joyce Philippe, soph., hurdles/sprints.
Promising Newcomers: Yazmin Jenkins, fr., sprints/throws; Julia Sullivan, fr., throws; Isabella Stack, fr., mid-distance.
Coach Butch Dion: “Our Girls team is coming off an undefeated indoor season winning the Dual Meet Championship and the CAC League meet. They are looking to continue their winning ways in the Spring Season.”

League: Mid Wach C
Last Year’s Record: 4-0
Captains: Kimmie Harding, sr., distance; Maddie Prechtl, sr., mid-distance/discus; Siena Salyer, sr., sprints; Danielle Thompson, sr., mid-distance; Julia Furman, jr., throws.
Other Returning Letterwinners: Eilish Ferrara, sr., hurdles/jumps; Cassidy Heulings, sr., sprints/javelin; Lindsay Ketelhohn, soph., mid-distance/hurdles; Brooke Orcutt, sr., distance; Ellie Petros, soph., distance; Moriah Scharn, sr., hurdles/jumps; Emma Shortsleeve, jr., sprints; Mary Teeple, sr., distance; Alexa Toomey, soph., distance; Freya Webb, soph., mid-distance/jumps; Lindsey Earle, sr., sprints/pole vault; Georgia Brooks, soph., distance; Catherine Daly, soph., distance; Maddie Kelly, sr., mid-distance/high jump.
Promising Newcomers: Cassie Prechtl, soph., mid-distance; Dorrie Gibbons, soph., distance; Eliana Lothrop, fr., sprints; Lauren DiCesare, fr., sprints; Lauren Brunelle, soph., sprints/shot put; London Casavecchia, soph., sprints; Hannah Mandell , fr., distance.
Coach Chris Volante (2nd year): “The girls team is loaded with talent and looks to stay healthy and compete for the Mid-Wach C title and excel in postseason meets at the state and national levels this spring. Several newcomers will support a strong group of juniors and seniors.”

League: Mid-Wach D
Last Year’s Record: 5-0
Captains: Shae Regan, sr., distance; Maddie Kiernan, sr., sprinter; Charly Painter, jr., sprinter; Amy Proulx, jr., sprinter; Prianka Sarathy, jr., mid-distance.

Other Returning Letterwinners: Riley Clark, sr., distance; Cadence Tracy, jr., sprints; Alex Silks, soph., shot put; Norah Kobaly, soph., javelin.
Promising Newcomers: Emma Follows, Rachel Rodriquez, Lena Dinoia; Giselle Kiernan, soph., mid-distance.
Coach Ted Painter (1st year): “I’m looking forward to a very successful season with many returning and experienced athletes along with many promising newcomers to outdoor track and field.”

League: Merrimack Valley Conference
Last Year’s Record: 2-3
Senior Captains: Carleigh Ahern, sprints/jumps; Morgan Bilodeau, sprints/mid-distance; Becca Cady, sprints; Christina Grillakis, middle-distance; Patricia Kalemera, sprints/jumps.
Other Returning Letterwinners: Makaeli Boisvert, sr., distance; Vishwa Devisetti, sr., mid-distance; Michaela Wilson, sr., sprints; Nelle Feliciano, jr., mid-distance; Olivia Gallagher, jr., hurdles/jumps; Bridget Geary, jr., sprints/hurdles; Madison Hebert, jr., sprints; Ronnie Jones, jr., throws/sprints; Annamaria Mbuyu, jr., hurdles/sprints; Lizzie McCabe, jr., sprints; Isabella Patino, jr., sprints/jumps; Sophia Polak, jr., distance; Erin Hattan, soph., throws; Panha Hong, soph., mid-distance; Serena Nguyen, soph., distance; Anneliese Nogueira, soph., sprints/jumps; Quinn Petzold, soph., sprints/jumps; Scarlett Prak, soph., mid-distance; Lana Quiles, soph., sprints; Abby Rillovick, soph., sprints; Regina Wasaidy, soph., sprints/hurdles.
Promising Newcomers: Celia Flomo, sr., sprints/jumps; Brigid Thome, sr., sprints; Jessie Bosque-Hamilton, jr., sprints/jumps; Annie Gilman, jr., distance; Lillianna Hagler, jr., distance; Fiona Haley, jr., sprints/jumps; Tabitha Kiragu, jr., sprints; Margaret Koko, jr., sprints; Martha Koroma, jr., sprints/jumps; Joanna Valenzuela, jr., sprints/jumps; Drea Defreitas, soph., sprints/jumps; Lola Haley, soph., sprints/jumps; Nami Lopes, soph., mid distance; Anisa Ngim, soph., sprints/jumps; Yasladys Rodriguez Acevedo, soph., sprints/jumps; Alicia Thome, soph., sprints; Sara Vasquez, soph., sprints; Lexie Abrams, fr., sprints; Cecylia Brito, fr., sprints; Sabrina Cady, fr., distance; Ariyannah Chan, fr., sprints; Linda Cosmes, fr., sprints; Shannon Dunn, fr., throws; Neveah Foote, fr., sprints; Nimatu Johnson, fr., sprints; Julie Khiev, fr., sprints; Hannah Laderoute, fr., sprints/throws; Princess Nimely, fr., sprints; Joslyn Oehme, fr., sprints; Alexandria Sotirakos, fr., sprints; Angelina Soun, fr., sprints; Emerson Webb, fr., sprints.
Coach Nate Kraft (3rd season): “The coaches are excited about the upcoming season. We have a solid returning core of athletes and an enthusiastic group of new athletes. Having a regular schedule this year will help our development as we will have a full slate of invitationals to go along with our regular season MVC meets. Our goal is to work hard each day to be at our best when the championship meets are held in May and June.”

Shawsheen Tech
League: Commonwealth Athletic Conference
Last Year’s Record: 4-1
Captains: Jade Kim, sr., sprints; Tayla Tildsley, sr., hurdles/shot put; Hannah Lyle, jr., jumps.
Other Returning Letterwinners: Brielle Pigott, jr., distance/hurdles; Adrianna Farrell, soph., hurdles; Addison Dunham, soph., hurdles; Finley Dunham, soph., mid-distance; Sarah Sarah Simonds, jr., mid-distance.
Promising Newcomers: Jacqueline Genetti, soph., long jump; Megan Steeves, fr., sprints; Gabriella Walazek, soph., javelin; Makayla Nolan, fr., discus/mid-distance.
Coach Joe Gore (1st year): “We have an abundance of underclassmen and newcomers on our team this year which we are really excited about. With over 100 kids competing this season, we will be leaning on our senior and junior leaders to help get our team ready for competition. Unlike in past years, I don’t think we have dominant talent in specific events; however, I think we have great depth in all events which can help lead us to a successful season.”

League: Merrimack Valley Conference
Last Year’s Record: 3-2
Senior Captains: Maddy Kearney, sprints; Maci Chapman, mid-distance; Victoria Allen, throws; Maisan Nguyen, sprints; Madison Forgione, sprints.
Other Returning Letterwinners: Molly Cremin, sr., distance; Carrina Barron, jr., hurdles/jumps; Emma Giordano, soph., sprints; Emma Jensen, jr., sprints; Emma Ryan, soph., sprints; Jaden Kasule, soph., pole vault; Kimsan Nguyen, jr., sprints; Amanda Ogden, jr., sprints; Cassidy Paige, soph., sprints/jumps.
Promising Newcomers: Claudai Melo, fr.; Rania Elouahi fr.
Coach Fran Cusick (6th season): “I like our group so far and we’ve had some great practices through week one. We have a lot of talent and athleticism, particularly on the sprint side. Billerica and Chelmsford are later season meets that we would like to be competitive in.”

League: Mid-Wach D
Last Year’s Record: 1-4
Senior Tri-Captains: Natalia Correia, sprints/jumps; Emma Duarte, distance; Emma Martigan, distance.
Other Returning Letterwinners: Paige Patnaude, jr., throws; Aubrey Waterman, soph., throws; Brylee Betty, fr., distance; Ella Campbell, sr., high jump; Kyra Griffiths, sr., sprints/javelin; Katerina Panagakis, sr., sprints/javelin; Emma Gauvin-Bernier, jr., sprints/javelin; Lindsay Methot, jr., throws; Kali Alexa, fr., sprints/jumps; Margaret Casey, fr., throws; Annabel Liu, fr., sprints/jumps; Audrey Mahon, fr., distance; Joanne Ngethe, fr., throws; Lilian Wood, fr., throws.
Promising Newcomers: Corinne Annis, 8th, throws; Sarah Benchekro, 8th, sprints/jumps; Abigail Brown, 8th, sprints/jumps; Frannie Casey, 8th, throws; Isabella Duarte, 8th, distance; Olivia Ducharme, 8th, sprints/throws; Emery Gramer, 8th, distance; Maya Long, 8th, sprints/jumps; Victoria Ma, 8th, sprints/jumps; Kailyn Meak, 8th, sprints/jumps; Rahi Patel, 8th, sprints/jumps; Mia Puopolo, 8th, sprints/jumps; Stacy Samuel, 8th, sprints/jumps; Sophia Smalley, 8th, sprints/jumps.
Coach Steve Bellrose (6th season): “We are excited to have a large group of 8th graders to compliment a hardworking, dedicated, returning group of upperclassmen. Our goal this year as a team is to work hard, have fun, and get better every day.”

Westford Academy
League: Dual County League
Last Year’s Record: DCL Record 5-0, DCL League Champions, MIAA All-State Champions
Senior Captains: Megan Frazee, hurdles/pole vault; Rachel Hughes, sprints; Jenna Bisso, sprints/hurdles; Abby Hughes, sprints/hurdles; Sydney Harding, sprints/jumps; Grace Carroll, sprints/jumps; Vivian Aeder, throws; Jen Graffeo, throws/sprints.
Other Returning Letterwinners: Elli Tweedie, jr., sprints/jumps; Katie Walpole, jr., sprints/hurdles; Liv Baumert, jr., sprints; Caitlyn Mahoney, jr., distance; Jordan Bishop, soph., sprints; Alin Aydogan, soph., hurdles/pole vault; Meaghan Lu, soph., distance.
Promising Newcomers: Sydney Weiss, fr., distance; Ashley Vinith, fr., sprints; Nadia Swepson, fr., sprints; Leandra Duah-Asamoah, fr., sprints; Tina Lin, sr., sprints; Audrey Smagula, fr., sprints/jumps.
Coach Ashley Smith (2nd season): “Westford Academy girls track and field team is extremely promising this season. After coming off a state championship title last spring with a relatively small team, the current team now stands at over double the size with a wide array of talents in all disciplines. Many state meet scorers will be returning, having worked hard and improved over the past two seasons. We look forward to another great season and seeing what our team can accomplish.”

League: Middlesex League – Freedom Division
Last year’s record: 5-0, league champions
Senior Captains: Amanda Broussard, sprints; Shea Cushing, distance; Olivia Erler, distance; Isabelle Puccio, throws; Angie Zaykovskaya, mid-distance.
Other returning letterwinners: Kaitlyn Doherty, sr., sprints/jumps; Celia Kulis, sr., hurdles/jumps; Sarah LaVita, sr., throws; Madison Mulas, sr., sprints/jumps; Lilly Rubin, sr., throws; Mallory Brown, jr., distance; Kayla Flynn; jr., hurdles/jumps; Hannah Bryson, soph., distance; Alison Doherty, soph., sprints/jumps; Emily Doherty, soph., sprints/throws; Emily Grace, soph., sprints; Molly MacDonald, soph., sprints/throws; Mollie Osgood; soph., jumps/hurdles; Sofia Pitzen, soph., mid-distance; Mia Stryhalaleck, soph., distance; Addy Hunt, fr., mid-distance.
Promising Newcomers: Tayla McDonald, sr., sprints/throws; Christina Chesbrough, soph., throws; Teandra Encarnacion-Cespedes, soph., sprints/jumps; Alissa Ganley, soph., sprints/jumps; Caroline Jenks, soph., sprints/jumps; Kyla Kelley, soph.; sprints/jumps; Ava Kennedy, soph.; sprints/throws; Alexis Melvin, soph.; sprints/hurdles/jumps; Avis Samaha, soph.; sprints/jumps; Meghan Smith, soph.; sprints/jumps; Olivia Solari, soph.; sprints/jumps; Neda Stoeva, soph.; sprints/jumps; Vivian Deblois, fr.; sprints/jumps; Gabby Fitzgibbons, fr.; sprints/jumps; Sabrina Gray, fr.; sprints/jumps; Gillian Kane, fr., sprints/jumps; Maddie Krueger, fr., throws/jumps; Abigail Mitchell, fr., sprints/jumps
Coach Joe Patrone (1st year): “The season looks very promising as we are coming off an indoor season where we were undefeated in our division and finishing as the Middlesex League Freedom Division Champions and we finished second at both the Division 4 State Relays and Division 4 State Meet. As a team we hope to do well in the Middlesex League, Division 4 State Relays and Division 4 State Meet.”

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