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SOUTHAMPTON, MA (WGGB/WSHM)– Our newsroom has been flooded with calls and emails about an apartment building in Southampton.

Back in late March, the first floor flooded, and tenants are still picking up the pieces.

Western Mass News is getting answers from the management company on what’s being done to help these residents get back on their feet.

On November 30, Timothy English Jr. was doing his dishes when he noticed water coming from the hallway, into his Southampton Meadows Apartment.

“I opened my door, and it took me right off my feet,” said English.

Residents said a water main break started here and ended up flooding all the apartments on the first floor.

English’s unit was right across the hall. He said there was more than three inches of water in his apartment.

The flooding was back in November and all residents were moved to hotels while management assessed the situation.

“Shut down the building completely, turned off the heat, turned off the water, turned off the electricity. At that point, staff immediately started working on finding housing,” said Faith Williams, Senior VP of property and asset management for Wayfinders.

However, first floor finally tenants moved back in on Monday. They said when they got there — it was very cold in their apartment..

“I woke myself up with my teeth chattering,” said English.

Faith Williams works for Wayfinders, the organization that manages the building.  She said there was a problem with the heat, and that it was fixed by contractors in a matter of days, but English said when he got back into his apartment, half of his stuff was still gone and the other half, he’s concerned, is at risk for growing mold.

“It was like a petri dish in here,” said English.

“As things are unpacked, we’ll document it and take pictures of it, and we’ll do an assessment,” said Williams.

Those who live in Southampton Meadows are either disabled, or elderly.

English said both he and other residents have really suffered from this experience, affecting both their finances, and their mental health.

“I had to go out and buy new clothes…Everyone is having a hard time. the day they told us we had to move in, we didn’t have blankets, We didn’t have a pillow. Nothing,” said English.

But those managing the building, said they are doing the best they can to get everything back to normal for residents.

“It’s just incredibly stressful and difficult and our major focus has been on the people and making sure they had food and shelter and getting them back to their homes as quickly as we possibly could,” said Williams.

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