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SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM)—With cold and wind headed our way Saturday Western Mass News is getting answers on what homeowners should look out for.

“We’ve had a lot of no heat calls, a couple frozen pipe calls,” said Josh Smith of Berkshire Heating and Air Conditioning.

Smith told Western Mass News that they’ve been extremely busy with calls coming in already this week. He said there are some things people can do to make sure their heating system is ready to go this winter.

“The best thing that they can do is have yearly maintenance to it to make sure that any potential problems are found before those really cold days hit and before they’re stuck cold, make sure the air filters changed and clean so they have good airflow,” said Smith.

Another problem to keep your eye out for: frozen pipes.

The biggest place is in the kitchen. Some places they don’t have the insulation behind the cabinet…Another place is in the garage. A lot of garages will have that problem where they have the overhead pipes,” said Russ Mercier of Roto-Rooter.

Mercier said insulation is key; but there are some things you can do to prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting this weekend.

“Keep the cabinets open. If it’s a bathroom, keep the bathroom door open. If it’s a sewer system, what you can do is make sure you’re using it,” said Mercier.

If your pipes do freeze, you can try using a blow dryer or warm towel to thaw them. But if that doesn’t work, you should call a professional.

“We’ve got the guys out there with pipe thawers, and we also have a truck for the sewer mains,” said Russ.

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