How the Russia-Ukraine conflict affects travel


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(WWLP) – In addition to consumers being impacted at the grocery store and gas pump we also wanted to find out about those who have travel plans.

The pandemic caused a lot of people to put travel plans on hold, especially when it came to trips abroad. Now, with the invasion of Ukraine, the travel industry could be impacted once again with many taking precautions such as securing on travel insurance.

22News spoke with Doreen’s Travel Services in Springfield to find out how the invasion is altering travel.

“When I talk to my clients it’s not only COVID or the Omicron variant but now with the whole looming of what just happened, it’s changed. This new situation has changed some of the playing cards it’s easier for people to have a choice to have insurance to back out of something”, Doreen Coakley-Rodriguez, owner of Doreen’s Going Places Travel Services, said.

At this time, there are no current restrictions when it comes to entering some of these European countries.
Yet, as the invasion intensifies we could see some changes in the coming days, as people try to evacuate the country.

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