How to protect yourself from ticks in warmer weather


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CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The weather is getting warmer, but that also means ticks are re-emerging for the season and they could be carrying diseases like Lyme disease.

There are two types of ticks that are common in the Pioneer Valley: The deer tick and the dog tick.

Both types of ticks can commonly be found in tall grassy areas, the woods, or in tall bushes, and they wait there for an animal or person to brush up against it.

If you plan to go to areas where there may be ticks, experts sugget:

  • Dressing in long sleeves and pants
  • Tucking your pant legs into socks, especially if you will be walking or hiking in tall grass or wooded areas
  • Wearing a bug repellent to keep ticks away

22News spoke with Peggy Dialassi of Agawam, who said, “I stick to the sidewalks to avoid the ticks! Check over the legs and ankles really good before you go home.”

Experts say that ticks like warm areas, so after you’ve been outside, make sure to check under your arms, behind your ears and knees, around your groin, in your belly button, and in and around your hair. And don’t forget to check your pets too.

If you suspect a tick bite, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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