Inside Miami Condo Collapse Ring Camera Frame By Frame Analysis


This is as close as we have to security camera video as a resident of the Champlain Towers South had her Ring camera installed in her condo and luckily they were away for the day. Their ring camera captured the collapse of the Miami condo building as it happened and in this video we step through it frame by frame to show you things that you might not have noticed before. We also show you the proper places to donate to help the surfside cause without getting scammed. do not donate to any person website or entity asking you for money for surfside that isn’t part of these two links below that have been vetted. Anything other than those two sides below are likely to be scams. one person has already stolen the identity of several of the dead victims in trying to get credit in their names.

⛔⛔ Official Surfside Support Pages, only send aid to vetted support sites! There are scams related to disasters, you should avoid unvetted fundraisers.
⛔ Support Surfside:
⛔ GoFundMe Official Vetted Pages for Donations to Surfside collapse victims:

ENR article about concrete columns below PSI requirements:

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We also show you in this video here an enhanced screenshot from the agent now famous tourist video of the collapsed pool deck into the garage floor minutes before the building collapsed and from here you can see much more clearly all of the debris on the floor of the garage.


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