Instead of writing a ticket, police officer drives teen to job interview after pulling him over |


CAHOKIA, Ill. ( – Instead of writing a ticket, a Cahokia police officer helped a teen in his effort to land a job.

Officer Roger Gemoules became a police officer to help people. He said his shift on Wednesday started off like any other day.

“I was out patrolling the area and I see him driving a vehicle that had a busted-out side window and then I looked at the license plate and saw that it was expired,” said Gemoules.

Driver Kshawn Ballwin said that is when he saw the lights and heard the sirens behind him.

“Car’s going to be towed, I’m going to jail for not having a license. More tickets, more fines, that’s all I was thinking about,” Ballwin said.

Ballwin said he knew he shouldn’t have been driving but it was his only way to get to an important interview.

“He explained to me that he was on his way to a job interview at FedEx,” said Germoules.

That’s when Germoules made a choice.

“Something came upon me. Whatever it was, God said ‘give him a little break,’ so that’s what I did,” Germoules said.

Instead of writing tickets, Germoules followed Ballwin home and drove him to his interview.

Germoules is the school resource officer for the Cahokia School District and works with kids every day. He said he saw something in Ballwin that reminded him of his own struggles.

“It’s good to see him get a job, that’s what makes me the happiest,” said Germoules.

Germoules says he feels he’s made a better connection to his community. Ballwin is now employed.

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