Jose Rodriguez Photo printing Techie Sunday Live Stream 1PM EST USA 2-20-22


Jose Rodriguez Photo printing Techie Sunday Live Stream 1PM EST USA 2-20-22

We discuss all subjects related to Photo printing and the options available.
Guests, How to, Demos, Q&As

The Precisioncolors Ink Level Sensor System for the CANON IPF PRO-1000 is ready to ship

Brand New Viewer produce product for you CLI cart refillers.
CLI Cart 3D printed Holder.
I know I am going to put it to great use in my CLI cart refilling routine

I had been given the opportunity to provide my Group members and Subscribers to the YT Channel a 10% discount offer for both QIMAGE Ultimate ( WINDOWS ) and QIMAGE ONE ( MAC & Win)!
Bellow you will find exclusive links to both program versions and
when you use those links to order your version of QIMAGE you will be supporting both this group as well as my YT Channel!

Qimage One:
Qimage Ultimate:
The place to go to for transforming your EPSON Printer into a CHIPLESS always FULL System.
Perfect for epson printers that allow refillable ink and cart systems
Now we have a PROMOCODE for a discount on your purchases: CHIPLESSJOE
Natalie Siromska
+38063 362 62 53 (Whatsapp)


300*600 2

Amazon Afilliate Page:

FaceBook Private Group Photo Printing Techie:
The VERY best Pre Modified and flushed CLI-42 Cart sets ready for refilling with your choice of inks!
They come with the best plugs and ink port snap on clips $60!g

Best Printing and Layout program Qimage Ultimate:


700MML CANON OEM carts for the PRO-1000 and direct use on PRO 2000- and up


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