LIVE EVENT IS HERE (Chapter 3 Season 2)


Fortnite LIVE EVENT Chapter 3 Season 2, All myths busted and Cattus Monster Secrets Revealed and Klombo Revealed in the Secret LIVE EVENT

Send these Legends all the love
Huge Thanks to Trimix :
Map By : Maestro Shark and Enderbite
Map code 1 : 4465-0540-0271
Map code 2 : 4914-8860-4912
Map code 3 : 5572-6856-3998

Use code “gattu” in the fortnite Item shop, please and thank you 🙏

Gattu 2nd Channel :

NEW Fortnite SECRET Boss Found :

How to Unlock The Foundation Skin in Fortnite (All Foundation Challenges Reward) :

NEW BABY KLOMBO Boss FOUND in Fortnite :

300*600 2

NEW BABY KLOMBO Boss in Fortnite Update :

ALL NEW KLOMBO BOSS & Mythic Weapons :

NEW Fortnite Toothless Boss Update :

FREE BUNDLE in Fortnite Update :

Music by

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