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– Camera is located in the Mierlo-Hout district of Helmond in Southeast Netherlands, G. Maps,+5706+AG+Helmond/@51.4688033,5.6334576,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x47c7215225b6510d:0x3eaa7b71d0602b95!8m2!3d51.4688!4d5.6356463

– RailCam weather for Mierlo-Hout this week? Simply check out Meteoblue’s highly accurate forecast service:

– Chat application: Main chat language is Dutch or English. Share your valuable knowledge about the Dutch train traffic to our international viewers (which is certainly a high number) Your feedback will be highly appreciated to everyone and it will be a perfect addition to this channel.

– DO NOT share or upload recordings of our live stream on your own channel/website or social media account.

-This is a RailCam. Here we do not discuss accidents or other sensational events. (After all, children can watch and that’s not really suitable for them). Anyone who does talk about it immediately gets a ban!

– No discussing politics, religion, race, sex, or violence.

– Any racism, sexism or abuse will receive an instant ban.

-On daytime, every hour at 04, 15, 18, 25, 33 45, 48 en 55 min, an Intercity or Stop Train will be passing RailCam.At this moment NO schedule of Freight Trains.

– On sunday and after 8:30pm, every hour at 04, 15, 25, 33, 48 en 55 min, an Intercity or Stop Train will be passing RailCam.At this moment NO schedule of Freight Trains.

– Over the last 21 years we’ve been constantly working to further enhance the quality of RailCam in future.

– If you would like to make a donation towards our plans for the next years, or find out more information please visit our main page on

– Suggestions are great! Due to the high volume of suggestions we get on a daily basis it’s best if you already have a location that wants a train cam or is willing to host one. Before suggesting a location please make sure you already have permission or contact information. Depending on the location you could be eligible for a finders fee.

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– You will be immediately timed out for Inappropriate user names, spamming, links, look-a-like links, asking for channel subs, excessive emojis, letters and symbols, cursing, name calling and generally being disruptive to the chat.

-Please don’t announce trains that are or aren’t on this cam. Giving false heads up for a train will result in being banned from chat. Do not mention things on your personal channel.

– DO NOT ask to become a moderator. If interested in your assistance, we will contact you.

– Do not start or perpetuate drama, arguments, and overall annoyances.

– Avoid repeating yourself. If you are asking a question, be patient and you will usually receive an answer from our knowledgeable team and/or other viewers.

– Don’t argue with our mods! They can get up to you directly!

– Do not write in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Even names are not alowed!

– Be respectful to other members.

– For 360 * cameras, do not ask to pan, zoom and move the camera. If a mod with access to these features is available, they will move the camera as they appear suitable for viewing.

– The RailCam is a 1080p, Milesight H.265 Mini PTZ Bullet Network Camera. Read more at:

-Donation option:

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