Martha's Vineyard Airport (KMVY) by Burning Blue | REVIEW + GIVEAWAY | Microsoft Flight Simulator!


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Welcome to the first product review of 2022 on Flyby Simulations as well take a look at the brand new Martha’s Vineyard Airport Released by Burning Blue Design for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport itself is located in New England, Massachusetts in the USA and has had a long and rich history of hosting fighter planes, general aviation aircraft as well as past US Presidents who came here often on Air Force 1. Burning Blue Design’s Rendition of the Airport includes custom PBR materials, hand-placed custom objects, realistic ground markings, weathering and a whole host of other minute details that we further dissect in this video. If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like, subscribe to the channel and get involved in the comments to let me know your thoughts on everything flightsim and aviation related. Thanks for Flying By!

You can purchase the scenery (if you are unlucky in the giveaway) through Burning Blue Design’s Official Website here:

Introduction: 0:00
Approach and Performance: 2:06
Apron and Parking Textures: 3:46
Taxiway Textures: 5:53
Runway Textures: 8:12
Airport Environment: 9:51
Night Lighting Textures: 13:44
Interaction with Weather: 14:42
Conclusion: 16:10

Flight Simulator:
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 by Asobo Studios
Get it here:

Editing Application:
Adobe Premiere Pro 2022
Get it here:

300*600 2

Machine Specifications:
Alienware Area 51m Gaming Laptop – Get it here –
CPU- i7-9700K (undervolted and clocked to 4.4ghz)
GPU- RTX 2080 (undervolted and clocked to 1750mhz)
RAM – 32GB (16*2) at 2400mhz
Storage – 2TB SSD, 2TB HDD

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