Mayor Sarno continues to ask Court System to keep repeat violent offenders off the streets


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno released a Letter to the Editor Wednesday asking for court systems to do better in handling repeat violent offenders.

Sarno says repeat offenders continue to be let out with no to little bail or restrictions. He also mentions how the community does have several proactive and preventative development programs through schools, nonprofits, religious organizations and the Sheriff’s Department to work with repeat violent offenders. However, these programs don’t work for every repeat offender.

You can read Mayor Sarno’s letter below:

Dear Letter to the Editor:

First of all, before anyone states, what do you expect from a ‘Law and Order’ Mayor, let me remind those who question my compassion, that in previous career positions with District Attorney Bill Bennett’s Office (1996-2002) dealing with borderline and hardcore juvenile probationers and their families to get them on the straight and narrow with structured and accountable community service programs and as the former Executive Director of the old South End Community Center (2002-2007) in which my team and I helped thousands of youths and their families towards better opportunities – ‘I do have compassion’. 

Some so called advocates cry out for more programs for repeat violent offenders.  What is needed more than ever now is common sense and respect for our citizens and business community.  You see, we do have a multitude of proactive and preventative youth development and workforce development programs through our schools, community based nonprofits, religious organizations, Hampden County Sheriff Nick Cocchi and even our court system too; some work well, but some do not. 

Our court system has gotten away from ‘The Broken Window Theory’, which is quite evident in the ever increasing numbers of repeat violent offenders, who are routinely let out with no to little bail and/or restrictions.  Only to once again perpetuate mayhem on our streets and neighborhoods.  Some can be saved, unfortunately many others cannot and must be incarcerated to keep all our citizens and business community safe and sound.

Our brave and dedicated Springfield Police Department will continue to make arrests, take record number of illegal guns off our streets and out of our neighborhoods to continue to save lives and families.  Now what we need is common sense and backup from our court system to again keep these repeat violent offenders off our streets and out of our neighborhoods.


Domenic J. Sarno

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