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CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) – There will now be stricter action against illegal dirt bikers in the city of Chicopee.

A new ordinance now bans dirt bikes on municipal property. This comes as Springfield, Holyoke, and Chicopee have been working together to target the illegal dirt bike problem.

This new ordinance is aimed at stopping illegal dirt bike riders from riding around Chicopee, especially in city parks.

“We do not want these illegal dirt bike riders taking advantage of people, disrupting traffic flow, and frankly, a nuisance in the city of Chicopee,” said Chicopee Mayor John Vieau.

He told Western Mass News about the further action the city is taking to get rid of illegal dirt bikers. He said that they are working with the neighboring communities of Springfield and Holyoke as part of the tri-city task force, all on the same page when it comes to dirt bikers.

“If you want to own a dirt bike and register it and ride it properly on the road, you’re allowed to do that,” Mayor Vieau said.

Anyone who does not and is caught riding illegally around city properties in Chicopee will be breaking a new ordinance passed Tuesday night.

“This is a tool,” Mayor Vieau told us, “so if they ride and think that going onto the public park is going to be a safe place for them to ride, it’s just not allowed.”

He said that there will be consequences.

“A non-registered vehicle can be confiscated and towed away to a yard, so you cannot ride in an illegal vehicle,” said Mayor Vieau, “and if you get pulled over, we’re going to take that vehicle and get it off the road.”

The ordinance is just one of many efforts to prevent illegal dirt bikers from riding around as the weather gets warmer.

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