Part II Low-Techs applications: Water, Solar Cooking & Energy production


Earth Day Celebration raises the occasion for a timely Transatlantic discussion over the emerging and promising topic of “low-technologies”, with a panel at the crossroads of science and industry, in the fields of water, construction, energy and agriculture on April 21st 2022. The conversation will feature speakers from the US and France, and will be moderated by Libby Hsu, Lecturer at the MIT D-Lab and a specialist of building technology and sanitation.

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Office for Science and Technology – Embassy of France:

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300*600 2

Solar Energy Household (DC, USA)

Living Energy Farm (VA, USA)

Integrale (France)

00:00 Participatory Design in WASH at MIT D-Lab
07:30 Solar thermal energy for fuel-free cooking
18:20 Radically Inexpensive, Durable Household Renewable Energy Systems
31:20 Design of a hybrid experimental measurement bench in direct current for energy self-sufficient isolated sites
40:15 Q&A


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