Railroad Crossing | Duval Road, Austin, TX (Video 3)


🗓 Date: 2/22/21
On February 22nd, days after the severe winter weather that ravaged Texas, I went out railfanning to alleviate my cabin fever. Here is my first catch, a northbound UP manifest with an SD70ACe leading an SD70AH! Quite nice to see an ell-EMD lashup in Notch 7 or 8!

This is quite a nice crossing, and is the closest UP crossing to my house by far. It features a newer UP signal on the right, which replaced an older 90s UP signal between 2007 and 2009. The new signal has Western Cullen Hayes lights with Western Cullen Hayes 2nd-generation LEDs, a Western Cullen Hayes electronic bell, a Western Cullen Hayes gate motor, and Electrotech LED gate lights. The other signal, however, is a bit more interesting. It features a Safetran S20 gate motor, older-style Safetran 12×20 inch lights, Electrotech LED inserts and gate lights, and a General Signals Type 2 electronic bell. The signal had a Safetran mechanical bell up until 2017, when it was replaced, just in time for me to move back from Massachusetts. Quite a shame that it is gone, but I am glad that the MoPac-era Safetran signal remains. This crossing also had the MoPac bell sequence where the bells shut off while the gates are down, most likely until about 2016 when the sequence was changed along most of the line. It was certainly still in place in 2010 when this older video of the crossing was taken (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysjnPliD8s4).
0:00 – Train!
3:19 – Photo!
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