RE Ranger and RIACT A.I. Shooting Glasses Review (feat. Will Fennell)


This is an in-depth review of high end shooting eyewear offered by RE Ranger, including the new RIACT A.I. system. We perform a detailed review of their design and performance. We also speak with Will Fennell, who has used these glasses to win at the highest levels. Finally, we put them to the test at the NC State Shoot.

0:00 Intro
1:51 Testing Criteria
2:57 RE Ranger
3:49 Design
6:09 Detail & Contrast Balance
8:17 Anti-Reflective Coating
10:48 Build Quality & Comfort
11:39 Will Fennell
21:25 Field Testing
24:16 Final Verdict
28:23 Tilley Memorial

DJI Air 2s Drone
Sony A7IV
Sony A7III
G-Master lenses
Rode VideoMic Pro Plus
iPhone 12 plus

Glasses were provided by RE Ranger for demonstration purposes. The Clay Lab and Dr. Richard Colo (only references in this video) have no financial affiliation with RE Ranger. Will Fennell is sponsored by RE Ranger.

All logos used in this video were used by express permission of the Fennell Shooting School and RE Ranger The views expressed in this video do not necessarily represent the views of RE Ranger, the Fennell Shooting School or Dr. Richard Colo.

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Music and Stock Footage:
Used under license from Envato Elements

Maps: Maps were a combination of professionally-produced maps by an outside company and Google Earth Pro. Google Earth imagery was used in this case for instructional and educational purposes.

Note: Aerial videography performed in compliance with 14 CFS Part 107 and all applicable FAA regulations governing sUAS operations. All flying was in Class G, uncontrolled airspace. Nearby airport (GGE) in Georgetown, SC does not have a control tower and is Class G airspace from surface to 750 feet AGL, but CTAF radio traffic was monitored at all times by our crew and no manned aircraft were interfered with. Maximum altitude was 390 feet AGL. A visual spotter was used in addition to the pilot. All dirt roads in the video are private with controlled access. No sustained flight over moving vehicles occurred. The drone was not flown over people at any time.

Remote Pilot in Command: Scott Hardison This video and channel are a product of Clay Lab USA, LLC.


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