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Western Mass News is getting answers about what’s causing these breaks, and what to do if your water shuts off.

CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM)–A series of water main breaks in Chicopee have residents concerned. Western Mass News is getting answers about what’s causing these breaks and what to do if your water shuts off.

On Greenwood Terrace, crews were hard at work this morning fixing a break in this water pipe. It’s the third break in the City in recent days. We spoke with residents as well as the water superintendent about how they’re working to resolve the issue.

“If they gave a heads up, we would provide a few gallons of water,” said Jeffrey Phaneuf of Chicopee.

Phaneuf told Western Mass News he didn’t expect his water to shut off Wednesday morning. Fortunately, it was back by 1:00 p.m.

“It’s back on now, so it probably was a couple hours,” said Phaneuf.

The Chicopee Water Department responding to a water main break on Greenwood Terrace. It’s not the first break in Chicopee this month.

John Shuman, who lives off Fuller Road, said a water main break impacted him Tuesday night. He saw a brownish tint when it first came back on.

“I ran the faucets, but in the toilet area it was a little brown, but we got rid of that,” said Shuman, a Chicopee resident.

Shuman told Western Mass News he also spoke with a chemist at the Chicopee Water Department who assured him the water was safe to drink. We took our questions to Chicopee Water Superintendent Jim Deni to find out what’s causing so many pipes to break in the city. He said it’s partly due to ongoing construction.

“It could be anything from heavy equipment rolling on top of the main, vibrations, anything could be a factor with the water main breaking,” Deni said.

Even though the timeline for the construction project extends into 2023, he doesn’t think it will become a constant concern, as they are moving past what he calls the “crack zone.”

“Most of the buildings that used to be there – we’re moving past a lot of the buildings that were demoed,” said Deni.

Deni also told Western Mass News the older infrastructure is also to blame. But they are working to update it.

“Fuller Road’s a $4 million project…We’ve been trying to pick off the areas where we have the worst problems,” said Deni.

He has this message for residents – don’t panic if your water has a brown tint or discoloration from rusted pipes when it comes back on.

“There’s no health or safety issues with it but I would tell them run the water until it’s fully clear,” said Deni.

You can also call the Water Department for help.

“They’ll send out a guy to test the water, we do in-house testing, said Deni.”

Deni said another priority is repairs in the West Fairview area.

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