The Craziest Rescue I Ever Had!


So I got a for an airplane. Yes, an airplane!

Winter 4×4 Jamboree Trail Ride


Off Road Recovery Videos
Can Your Jeep Flex Like This?

Chevy Duramax Caught In Flash Flood! We’re Gonna Need Help.

Swallowed By SINKHOLE Rescue!

This Is Going To Hurt, Working On The Jeep Banana

$100,000 Jeep Flooded In The River

Recovering Ed’s LJ20 Stuck 40 Years In The Sierra Nevada Mountains

Matt’s Off Road shirts, hats, hoodies, keychains and stickers!

Matt’s rope of choice 30
Matt’s Recovery Rope by Yankum Ropes

10% Off the best parts for your Off Road Vehicle Barnes 4WD

Jeep Cherokee XJ bags, we use ours for first aid.

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt’s off-road recovery!


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