THE END OF VAN LIFE? (leaving our van in Mexico)


This could actually be the end of van life for us (not clickbait)😔 Get up to a year’s supply of immune supporting Vitamin D + 5 individual travel packs, both FREE with your first purchase! Thanks Athletic Greens for sponsoring this video 🙂

Episode 819 | Baja, Mexico | Filmed March 2022

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Who are Kara and Nate?!
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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married 2013 and were super “normal.” I was a teacher and Nate started a small printing business from the spare bedroom of our apartment. We discovered the world of “travel hacking” & became obsessed. So after 2 years of obsessively saving $35k and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016 for a “one year” trip around the world. Our goal was to see as many places as possible before we ran out of money and went home to “normal life.” We started this travel vlog to share our experiences with friends and family, but quickly fell in love with this lifestyle and did everything we could to keep going. 4 years later, we achieved our new goal of visiting 100 countries and all 7 continents. We had no plans to slow down, until 2020 forced us to 😉 Which is when we bought a converted van to start exploring our own country for the first time. Van life was a major adjustment and so different than flying every week like we were used to, but we are incredibly thankful to be able to continue doing something we love every day. 😊🎥🌎

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0:00 Is this the end of van life? 🚐
0:38 things got off to a rough start…
5:28 we still love Athletic Greens
6:36 We found the best wave in Baja!
14:02 Our last full day in the van 🙁
18:19 2 new people move into our van?!
21:24 What happens next?


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