The Tornado Outbreak Coverage of April 12th, 2022


Support the stream: Very interesting evening of severe weather that will be unfolding around us as The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has issued a Moderate Risk (a 4/5 on The Severe Weather scale)! The risks of severe weather include a 45% chance of Winds greater than 58 mph + 10% chance or greater of getting hurricane force winds, a 45% chance of Hail larger than 1 inch + 10% chance or greater of 2 inch, and a 15% chance of Tornadoes + 10% chance or greater of a significant tornado. Stay tuned to the entire stream to see the specifics! Stay safe out there! I do live weather analysis as well as forecasts for mainly the USA, so feel free to ask questions about any weather activity and weather near you. I am committed to providing accurate information and keeping people safe. I also am human, so I’ll be the first to admit that I am not perfect. However, nevertheless I do have fun creating these streams! Please be sure to like, share with friends and family, and subscribe as this does help me in the long run. I am trying to get to 33,000 subscribers by the end of April so if you would, please help me achieve my goal! That would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy the video. Also, I have bloopers and stuff for this video so if you wanna see it then become a channel member today! I’m gonna post bloopers of my stuff whenever I can so you can have a laugh at me being human so feel free to become a member! The other thing that is exclusive to members is that they get a podcast that I conduct earlier than the general public! Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy the video.

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