Villages of Hidden Lake Live Weather Cam in Pflugerville, Texas


Live 24/7 weather cam located at Villages of Hidden Lake in Pflugerville, Texas. Camera is a 4mp Hikvision IP bullet camera pointing towards the S.E. The Austin airport (ABIA) is to the very left edge of the screen and Austin downtown is about 1/4 of the screen to the right from the left edge. If you look close on a clear night you can see the 5 or 6 TV/radio towers near the 360 bridge flashing right in the middle of the screen. On the far right of your screen is where I-35 and toll SH 45 would intersect almost perfectly. I hope this little bit of information helps some with kind of understanding the area of the sky line they are looking at. This Weather Cam is for use by NWS, FAA, and public for current weather and air traffic over Austin Texas and immediate area south west of Pflugerville Texas. Sitting atop the tower besides the weather cam is a Davis Instruments VUE Pro weather station. You can view the local weather in Villages of Hidden Lake by visiting Also up in the air is an ADS-B radar receiver for FAA air traffic which currently reaches from Oklahoma into Mexico. You can see this technology at work by visiting


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