Volunteers help clean up Westfield River in honor of late Jack Coughlin


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WERSTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The late Agawam Environmentalist Jack Coughlin left quite a legacy for those protecting natures gifts. Volunteers continued that tradition this weekend as Earth Day celebrations continue.

The Westfield River watershed was cleaned up Sunday. Just as Jack Coughlin did a couple times a year until his untimely death. Agawam volunteers joined supporters up and down the Westfield River removing debris.

Coughlin was struck by a car and died at the age of 72 last April. Now his memory lives on and so does the tradition of cleaning up debris along rivers in western Massachusetts.

22News spoke with Coughlin’s son, Jack who said, “You can go back 24 hours later, right, this is just two days later, and I’m picking them up left and right.”

Jack Coughlin was known for discarding Nip Battles along Massachusetts roads and rivers.

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