Wadena MN LIVE Stream – BNSF/Amtrak Staples Sub Server Rail Cam


Wadena MN LIVE Stream – BNSF/Amtrak Staples Sub Cam MP 165.8 on 2nd St SW & traffic cam. 2nd St SW is one of the main drags in Wadena. If you go left on the cam it will take you to the local Walmart. Many of the locals prefer taking 2nd St., over Main or Hwy 71. We are looking at the Northside of the train in Wadena and the Southside of the train in Perham.

Also, visit our cam in Perham MN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrZqF

On January 28th, 2022 OTC was the first railfan live stream to successfully pull off and offer a remote camera that can cut into our live stream in Perham, Minnesota at will from anywhere OTC is located to cover LIVE railroad events. This will be a feature OTC now offers its viewers from time to time, from now on as a perk to its viewers. Here is the video of the event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6UOy

Check out our daily train log https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/

We have made a few changes to the log. When you open the log, make sure you are on the OTC Log 2022 tab (at the bottom). The upper left corner (cell A1) of the sheet is the current day’s log. To access another day, you will have to scroll down (and to the right for days other than Sunday). The log is set up Sunday through Friday on the spreadsheet going from left to right.

Members, be sure to tell a log editor where you would like your custom weather command to display so we can add it to the Nightbot commands. We will let you know what your custom command is, then you can type in your own command to display the weather in an area or city of your choice.

Join our team. We are interested in people who would like to help us with our log and people that may like to count train cars as well. If you are interested contact our log manager Izzy or Jon.

Join this channel to get access to perks:

Nightbot is growing and now knows the weather in every single County in Alabama, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Maine, and New York as well. Just type in !weathering”yourcountyand state code” ie.. !weatherinottertailcountymn

Visit our sponsor, Lunde Auto Sales. https://www.lundeautosales.com/

We are on the BNSF/Amtrak line but have many others that pass including but not limited to KCS, CN, NS, CP, CREX, CSX, UP, OTVR, Ferromex, and other trains.

Our Log is the final entry to the massive, one of its kind, database with over 14,200 entries to the “Road Number” MFG database of BNSF/Amtrak/Otter Tail Valley Railroad (OTVR) and others. We also have the weather in every county in MN, MA, and most major cities in the world. You can find the log here.

The scanner with the 55-foot antenna is at the link (below) here on Broadcastify and picks up BNSF radio as well as Canadian Pacific radio in Detroit Lakes as well. The scanner link is different than the scanner on the live feed. Thanks for choosing Otter Tail Channel please, subscribe and consider becoming a channel member. Link https://www.broadcastify.com/webPlaye

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On an average of the last 10 days, as of 2/5/202, our daily average, in a 24 hour period is 31.2 trains per 24 hour day! Our Daily average for the year as of 2/5/2022 is 29.94.

A special thank you for the donations! Your help is appreciated. Support the stream: If you like https://www.patreon.com/OtterTailChannel

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Lunde Auto Sales (Wadena, MN)

Hometown Auto Repair (Perham, MN)

Frank’s Auto Body (Perham, MN)

Amtrak Tracker link: https://www.amtrak.com/services/maps….

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