WEATHER ALERT Snow squall warning issued in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Illinois, and New York threate


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FOUR states will go through intense bursts of heavy snow and gusty winds producing whiteout this weekend, according to reports.

Snow squall warnings have been issued in parts of Illinois, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and New York ahead of Saturday.
The National Weather Service in 2018 defined a snow squall as “an intense short-lived burst of heavy snowfall that leads to a quick reduction in visibilities and is often accompanied by gusty winds.”

A fast-moving powerful cold front will bring the squalls across the Northeast with an expected one inch of snow per hour with dangerous winds accompanying.

The National Weather Service issued warnings to these specific Northeast areas through emergency alerts on cell phones.

The whiteout snow has even already hit Illinois, as reports of heavy snowfall blasted through Chicago on Friday night around 10.30pm.

The NWS went on to issue a Winter Weather Advisory to the Chicago area and described the snow squall as an “immediate snowball” because of the heavy wind and snow.

Chicago’s Rockford Airport picked up over an inch of snow in just 30 minutes during the squall, according to their reports.
The squall caused a 100-car pile-up on I-39 in the snowstorm, causing about 25 miles of the interstate to be closed.

According to the Service, the snow squall also moved across Wisconsin, northeast Iowa, and parts of northern Illinois.

Friday was the first time that snow squall warnings had been issued to Wisconsin residents.

Weather reports showed that winds were gusting up to 50 miles per hour, causing a wind advisory in effect until Saturday morning at 4am.

The cold front will move to Massachusetts from the Great Lakes, bringing scattered rain and snow showers.

Meteorologist reports say that snow squalls could potentially start in the area around late Saturday morning through late Saturday afternoon.

The first snow squall could arrive in Boston around noon, according to CBS.

Most of the snow is expected to melt by Sunday, as the forecast shows a sunny day with a temperature in the 30s.

A snow squall is “racing” into the Niagara Frontier, according to the National Weather Service.

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The squall warning was put into effect until 9:15am around Buffalo.

A winter weather advisory was issued from 4pm Saturday until 3am on Sunday, the weather service said.

Local road closures are possible due to possible flooding, as well as the 50mph wind bringing down tree branches.

The worst place a person can be during a snow squall is on the highway.

There is no safe place on the road in a squall, the National Weather Service states.

If you happen to get caught in a snow squall, the first thing to remember is to try and remain calm.

Don’t make any quick or sudden movements, gradually lowering your speed over time.

Turn on both your headlights and hazard lights, and try to exit the roadway as soon as possible, without speeding.

The best thing one can do during a winter storm is to avoid driving altogether.

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