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WILBRAHAM, MA(WGGB/WSHM)– A local chocolate shop is bringing a Free Blockbuster to western Mass.

Blockbuster Video was a staple of the 90’s and early 2000’s.

While the movie rental store is now a thing of the past, movie buffs have a new way to indulge in their favorite films.

It’s all thanks to the Free Blockbuster non-profit organization, which has 40 neighborhood movie exchange boxes across the United States.

“So you come in we got it set up here with about 30-40 movies in it, we also have a bunch more movies inside…We’ve already had some donations,” explained Jeff Wingate, co-owner of Pop’s Biscotti and Chocolates.

Wingate told Western Mass News he first saw a Free Blockbuster box at a taco shop in Vermont and after doing some research, he decided he wanted to have one at his business too.

The movie rentals are free and there are no late fees, so you can return the films at your convenience.

The Free Blockbuster at Pop’s Biscotti and Chocolates is the first location in western Mass. and one of the only two in the state.

“We just thought it was a neat idea to bring it back to western Mass because the closest one was in Cape Cod,” said Wingate.

Wingate said nostalgia-fueled his desire to start this project.

“That was it exactly we just thought it was so cool because Friday nights that’s what you did, you went through the movies and its kind of fun to be able to pick through them and not just scroll through them so we thought to bring that fun back to movies and it’s free so,” explained Wingate.

The give-and-go system is a simple way to connect the community, as well as families.

Pops Biscotti and chocolates is also offering a special treat for those who grab a movie.

“We’re also giving out a free bag of movie-themed chocolates to anybody that comes in and rents one,” said Wingate.

People in the community shared their excitement for the town’s new addition.

“I think it’s great, one of my favorite 90’s movies was “The Land Before Time”, I remember having it on VCR and DVD so that would be awesome to come by and see if they have it I haven’t been by yet, but I’m excited to brimming some of my old movies I’m a 90’s baby so I’ve got all of those stacked in my basement too,” said Hayley Procon, owner of Common Grounds Cafe.

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